Sunday 10 February 2013

Timmy Cash

Yesterday I was on my way to the Rescue and stopped at the shops to buy breakfast (for 100+ bunnies). To my surprise, the cash machine kept throwing out my bank card exclaiming "Service temporarily unavailable". In the shop the machine at the till was similarly unimpressed with my card, so while I was able to find just enough cash in my pockets to buy some basic veg, I was unable to purchase the usual selection of delectable herby treats. What's more, I couldn't re-fuel the car or stock up on bunny essentials on the way home after the Rescue.

This morning, distracted by thoughts of my bank card problems, I tripped head first over Jemima's stair-gate and banged up my foot. Faced with a car with an empty tank and a house of hungry bunnies, I walked (well, limped) into town and tried my card in the machine at my own bank, but the message was the same as yesterday. With no food for myself at home and starting to wonder how I was going to get through the next few days, I did the only thing a bunny parent could do in such a situation - I took the last of my cash, scraped together from loose change I'd found around the house, and spent the lot on a large bag of Whisky and Jemima's favourite Timothy hay.

So after I hobbled back home, my foot having swelled beyond the size of my boot, I decided today is not a good day and it's probably best to spend the rest of it on the sofa. From where I noticed, on a table on other side of the lounge, the new card the bank had sent me to replace the expired one in my wallet. D'oh.

"Stop moaning, it's not that bad - you said you DID get my Timothy hay, right?"


  1. Whiskey, honey, that IS all that matters...

    Now that I have sucked up to the rabbit, I hope your foot gets better. Do not wait too long to get it looked at. I am proud that even with a bad foot, your first thought was that W and J needed their hay. Nose bumps to you!

  2. ice, elevation and a sore ankle for you and plenty of yummy hay for the buns....sounds about right!

  3. It's awesome you went through all that trouble for your bunnies!!

  4. Purple and swelling is Bad Sign, you should get it x-rayed, young lady! (We're all 29, right?)

    Whisky, honey, sweetie, cutie pie.. You have to let your momma heal so she can serve your goodies with the usual promptness. I know your PoV is that she has three other limbs to use, but the fact of the matter is, humans just aren't that coordinated. I know, I know, if we didn't have thumbs we'd be no use at all..

  5. Oh dear--better get that foot looked at, swelling and all isn't a good thing. Then get yourself something nice and comforting (be it wine, chocolate...or wine AND chocolate) and perhaps a treat for the ever-so-neglected bunnehs as well and sit back and relax and heal. You've gone above and beyond and deserve a reward!