Wednesday 12 February 2014

Blogging Off

Today is my last day (for a while at least) of filling in for BHV. It's been fun and thanks for your support and comments. Apologies for the rather disproportionate number of posts about my own little furry family - I just have more photos of them than the bunnies at the Rescue as I usually forget to take my camera, or forget I brought my camera until it's starting to get dark and the bunnies are all looking far too hungry to sit still enough for long exposure shots. So here's me and my two pairs of fluffsters signing off*.

Normal service will resume shortly!

(*Clarence and Beatrice photo courtesy of BHV.)


  1. Awww they so sweet, enjoyed the posts xx

  2. Ha ha, I'd forgotten that photo! I love the expression on Beatrice's face! :-)

  3. Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures, keeping things going while we worried about Whiskey, and for all your work at the Rescue.

  4. As for all Fluffsters, Floosters, and Bunnies everywhere:
    May they all live forever continually!
    Dorothea Arnold's translation and transliteration from "The Royal Women of Amarna"

  5. loved the posts and the photos...

  6. I have not commented much, but have enjoyed, as I always enjoy, every post and photo put onto this blog!!! Yes, that expression is priceless!
    Kisses and snorgles to your bunns, Bunny Mum, who is Under The Thumb!!

  7. its been great,don't be a stranger,love these photos,xx Rachel