Monday 9 February 2015

The Week of Love

"Oh hello everyone and everybun!

We have decided to kick that mean 'Carrot-Hogging Volunteer' bloke off the blog for the week and are hijacking his account for something different. In honour of Valentines Day, we are handing the blog over to the wonderful people who have brought their own bunny to this Rescue to find their perfect partner and forever friend. So please join us back here tomorrow for the first of our tales of bunny love.

(Oh, and if you see Mr C-HV, tell him if he wants his Blogger account back next week he'd better start being a bit more generous with the grated orange delights!)"

"Speaking of love, I'm about to give Bugsy a licky-face bath, so if you don't mind....?!"


  1. Oh, you bunns, why don't you just get a room?

  2. "For who is there who lives and knows the secret powers by which a carrot grows?" CB

    An adaptation for, "Immortal Love Poems by Bunnies"