Thursday 26 June 2014


As the seasons change and bunnies lose and grow in new coats, their colouring can sometimes change. Lighter, darker, brighter, even slight variation in patterns can occur. And then there's Booboo's wife-bun Bounty... This. Is. Just. Weird.

"Do you like it? For 10 carrots I'll let you trim it off - you can stick it on your ugly head!"

Err...thanks Bounty, but...I don't think it's quite my colour.


  1. I do know bunnies who haven't been healthy will grow a brown coat and then when they get all healthy and shed it, it'll come back in as their natural colour.. But I figure, you have .. (asks Whisky) .. apparently 147,023 years in rescue and knew that too.

    P.S. I don't think your bunny is so good at math. ;)

    1. Well I know Whisky didn't give you that number, he can only count up to 18!

    2. Well, it did go something like 1, 2, treat! .. I kind of transposed. *cough*

  2. Whiskey can only count up to18? Surely you meant he uses his own special base 18 counting system. As for the lovely Bounty, so what if there is the occasional mutiny. It looks lovely. Mr. B-H V, you are to tell her she looks lovely and thank her for her kind offer. Do we have an understanding, Mr. B-H V?