Sunday 8 June 2014

No-Drop Zone

Sundays need to be a bit lazy. I'm sure it's a law or something.

Sunny weather accompanies our laziness here today, so Anouska and Bobbit had a bright and pleasant session in the garden this morning. Not entirely as relaxed as I'd like, I think a few passing cars and screechy birds have spooked them recently, making them more wary when they are outside. But they still managed to get a good bit of exercise and chomping in.

"Uh-oh. Was that the call of the yellow-crested pointy-beaked bunny-biter I just heard? Maybe we should head back in - just stand over me while I finish nomming these flowers first."

Whisky has been taking it easy today. He was taken off all antibiotics and eye-drops this week so the vet can do some cultures on the stuff that oozes out of his eye and nose. His face is consequently a bit messy and needs multiple daily cleans, but it hasn't slowed him down at all, including his snacking rate.

"Oh, there you are! Get me a top-up of this green stuff here and maybe chuck in a few handfuls of dried dandelion, OK?"

And of course he hasn't lost any bit of his mischievous sense of humour either...

"I hear something:- A rider approaches. He brings with him treats. Perhaps this is something you can learn from him..."


  1. and now my sunday is complete with an update and some cheek from Whisky,xx Rachel

  2. If you check the "Bible" you will find it is the God's 4th commandment to treat the Sabbath as a day of rest, this is to include your animals as well so it is good to see yours and all the other bunnies follow this correctly :) Jennifer

  3. Ah, yes, it is always good to see a bunny taking the 4th Commandment seriously. Over here we see a lot of that. It is exceeded only by taking the 5th against self-incrimination. I certainly hope that Whiskey gets all well, and that that rider is extremely patient and articulate and answers all of B-HV's questions.