Friday 13 June 2014

Jessie In For Surgery

Poor Jessie had an overnight stay at the vets last night. When she originally came in to the Rescue she had dental problems and jaw abscesses which were dealt with, but unfortunately her problems have come back. She is scheduled for molar extractions and abscess removal today, so if you are reading this early on Friday please wish her a successful surgery and speedy recovery!

Be strong Jessie, we will see you later for healing nose-rubs!


  1. thinking of you Jessie,you get well soon baby girl you hear us?just get well soon,xx Rachel and Speedy

  2. Come on Jessie please get better -saying prayers for you. Jennifer

  3. Thank you for your kind wishes. Jessie came thru the surgery OK, I picked her up from the vets this evening, she was a little groggy and confused from the anaesthetic but otherwise fine. She came back with a great long list of post-op care instructions of things she definitely won't like being done to her, like flushing the surgery wounds, but hopefully she will deal with it all OK. Fingers and paws crossed for the next few days.