Sunday 22 June 2014

Med Run

Well here we are, half way through Whisky's new course of antibiotics and things could be better. His face was a mess with the stuff coming out of his eye this morning, I was hoping we would see some improvement by now if only temporarily. This most recent antibiotic seems a bit more watery than the previous ones so I also have concerns he might be spitting some of it out, or at least it's coming out of his mouth whether intentional or not. Perhaps I was wrong to choose the oral option rather than injectable, but I didn't fancy injecting him every day for several weeks.

The good news for Whisky was that because it is a 2 week course (for now anyway), he didn't have to go to the vets this week - the first vet-free week in several months! Bad news for me - I stupidly didn't put the top on the bottle properly Friday and threw his meds all over the carpet Saturday morning, so I *did* have to go to the vets, for a refill. The vet practise is not nearby, it was very frustrating having to skip out of my planned volunteering early for something so stupid on my part.

"Well I for one vote for MORE vet visits where you leave me at home. And next time, if you could maybe leave the fridge door open on your way out in case I need an emergency snack...?"

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  1. We are so sorry. Thank you for taking such good care of Whiskey.