Saturday, 28 June 2014

Altered Images

Patty and Benson have very definitely changed their personalities since they got together. Gone is the grumpy, lunging, in-your-face, snack-snatching attitude. They've become more refined and almost, dare I say, ...angelic?

"Hey, I've always been an angel! (In my own way...)"

"Well our attitudes may have changed but our breakfast order hasn't! More carrots, less of that healthy green rubbish please!"

Sorry Patty, even quieter well behaved bunnies need to eat healthily!


  1. Patty: Did you say "quieter well behaved bunnies need to eat healthily?" Oh, I think we can take care of that little problem.

    1. Did you say something to them AJ? Cos this morning at breakfast they were back to their grumpy selves!

  2. I really am sorry, B-HV, If anything I have done or said has played any role in the collapse of any isle of "refinement" at R3. We are willing to pay reparations after you subtract our consulting fee. What consulting fee, you say? The one for telling you, "No, you daren't."

  3. Dear B-HV, having sent this whole matter to our legal team for review, I am happy to pass along their view that we (the Austin Adorers of R3) are not liable for anything. Our lawyers believe that any jury would accept at face value Benson's sworn statement that he has always been and still is an angel. Furthermore, there is indisputable theological support for the notion that every angel is unique. To further add to YOUR woes, it turns out that they are of the unanimous opinion that your patronizingly condescending "healthier than thou" remarks represent the totality of the provocation necessary for the outcome you have accused us of precipitating. It is too bad. Our liability policy would have provided amply for couple's counseling for Patty and Benson, and even hubris management classes for you.