Tuesday 10 June 2014

Tuesday Tail #16

I love little Leona, she is such a character, but if there's one bunny at the Rescue right now you don't mess with...

"Sure, you could pull that loose tuft of fur out for me..."

"...or alternatively I could leave all your fingers intact. Your choice."


  1. Little Leona is giving us a choice, a real opportunity to exercise our free will. And then, she goes on to make a compelling argument for one of those choices. I just don't really see what else one could ask for. Well, okay, some sort of dispensation for those of us who are mildly obsessive-compulsive about stuff like bunny fur tufts would have been nice. But, still, I think she is being very lady like about the whole matter.

  2. Hahahahaha I wonder how quick she is?xx Rachel