Friday 6 November 2009

Mystery Bunny

Mystery Bunny Gets Snuggly

It makes me very sad to have to report this, but we have heard that our beloved Mystery Bunny has died. Mystery Bunny went out to adoption with her husband Majestic and it seems that she was tragically killed by a fox.

For the whole time that Majestic (who Helen has taken to calling Moo because of his cow-like markings) and Mystery were at the rescue, Mystery was particularly friendly towards me and would always come and say hello as I walked past. If I went in to their run and sat down on the grass she would clamber over my legs, snuggle into me and demand to be stroked. The two of them were absolutely adorable and the news of Mystery's passing was particularly painful for me to hear.

To help everyone remember her as I do, as the very special bunny that she was, I am posting this my favourite picture of her(above). Mystery, you were a very special bunny and you will be sadly missed.

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