Saturday 10 April 2010

Rocket Bun

I couldn't leave you with just a picture of my hand for today's blog - you probably only came here cos there weren't enough cuddleh bunneh pics for you on CuteOverload today, right? So here's a quick picture story of what happened AFTER my encounter with Pat and Bob, but be warned - contact with Rocket Bunny should only be attempted by experienced rescue managers who have spent 14 years developing mad bunny skills.

"Stupid human! How dare you gaze upon me?
I am Rocket Bunny the most fearsome, untouchable
beast ever known to...wait, what's going on??!!"

"Hey! Put me down! I'm the most feared
bunny here, you know! I could chomp
your arms clean off, I could!"

"Well...OK...ONE cuddle. But you better
not tell anyone - I have a reputation to keep
you see. And if this turns up on your stupid
blog you'll be finding the remains of that
camera in my litter tray..."

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