Wednesday 22 February 2017

The 3 zs

Sunday saw the arrival of three rabbits from Slough who had been kept in a tiny 3ft hutch. 
These poor bunnies were being picked up by their ears and had never seen a scrap of hay.

Mummy bunny, Zabi is completely urine stained and has chunks of fur missing, sadly she's heavily pregnant too.

Father and son, Zeke and Zion had been fighting as neither had been neutered.




  1. Dear oh dear, the ignorance of some never fails to dismay. Thank heavens for people like you and thank goodness they are all now safe and well cared for. Well done.

  2. Poor bunnies. Ignorance is still so rife 😣.

  3. Poor Zion had to have a dental lady week, he's just 6 months old :(