Wednesday 20 December 2017

Nuts about you

Nutty came to us as he was showing aggression in his previous home. Whilst he's a bit wiggly to pick up we've never seen any sign of aggression from him. We love Nutty, he's an active bunny who craves attention and head rubs. 

Nutty is part of a growing number of rabbits who come to us as they are not what their owners expected.  They need a lot of space and enrichment and do not show affection in the same way a dog might, nor are they cuddly but sadly due to misrepresentation in the media this is what people expect and when it's not what they end up with people quickly use interest.

Nutty originally came from a breeder along with a doe, the breeder sadly didn't advise the owners on neutering and the inevitable happened, they then had Nutty neutered but the vets advised them he would be ok to put back with his new family, of course a fight broke out and Nutty ended up living on his own.

Over the last week we've been bonding him with Mercedes and this weekend he'll be going to his forever home with a family who understand what rabbits need.

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