Saturday 24 September 2011


Cora and Clarence

Two gross things happened to me at the Rescue today. And I figure, if there's something gross going on you want to hear about it right? No? Ok, well put down your dinner and read on anyway.

So the first gross thing that happened to me was that I was assisting and assessing a bonding between a rather large girl and one of our larger bucks. It wasn't going well, more like violent anarchy, so we decided to try her out with one of our innocent little as-yet-un-neutered rex boys. Well firstly, I have to say, he was a little confused, being still a little too young to know what to do with a lady. He was certainly willing to get to know his new friend but all she wanted to do was bite and dominate him. But she was no match for his youthful speed and agility and very soon the tables had turned - despite being four times his size, she was running away and hiding behind me trying to avoid him. He still wasn't quite sure what to do with her, so he kept chinning (rubbing his scent on) her as if she was something to own. But really the thing that turned the tables and switched the dominance from her to him was when he started spraying her with wee. Which would have been fine, and not uncommon behaviour for two bunnies getting to know each other, except that I was sat between them at the time.

So that was gross thing number one. The second, and easier to wash off, came from our little long-term snuffle-bun Clarence. His partner Cora is probably my most favourite little character at the Rescue (not including the bunnies who have at some point lived in my house of course). So to cheer myself up after the bonding incident, I went and sat with Cora and Clarence to relax and hand-feed them some crunchy treats. Which should have made me feel better about the day, but every time Clarence took one he would in doing so wipe his snotty snuffly nose all over my hand.

Thanks Clarence. I think I might go home and shower now.

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