Saturday 5 November 2011

Bun Swap UK

Previously on Bun Swap UK...

Having failed to make a connection with Spangle, Porridge and Sprat, our precious little Whisky was introduced to a lady nearer his own age named Lara. But to say that didn't go well is somewhat of an understatement. It was, well, violent. The problem would seem to be that after 10 months of the single life in my house (thanks to the illnesses, the surgeries and the failed bondings) the boy has no bunny-social skills left and thinks he's the boss of all he surveys. He needed to be removed from his comfort zone in order for him to accept another bunny on his own level. It was time to take the bun by the ears (metaphorically, not literally) and some serious action.

So this week, Caroline and I have swapped bunnies.

"So what was Peter André REALLY like, Hoppy?"

Whisky has gone to live with Caroline, hanging out in her bedroom at night and the Rescue during the day, meeting new friends on neutral ground. While our old friends Tequila and Heathcliff have come to live with me for a few days and experience Whisky's routines.

"Room service? There are hairs in my salad.
Oh, wait, scratch that - it's just my foot!"

I wonder if I can convince them that Whisky normally makes me breakfast in bed on a Sunday morning...

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