Friday 18 November 2011

Double Paw-Fist Strike

Purdy, Hopppy and Whisky share a quick snack
before getting back to the business of fighting.

Well, that didn't work. We tried to find Whisky a new friend (or friends), but all he did was learn new ways to express his lack of bunny social skills.

Being a bunny with no incisors (front teeth), he can be a little outmatched when meetings with other bunnies turn hostile. His new trick for balancing the odds is to pre-emptively pummel them on the nose with his front paws when they are least expecting it, leap on them while they are still surprised, kick them in the back of the head and run off. It started as a response to the unfriendliness of the first girl we tried him with, but once he got the hang of it, and possibly because the first one was such a moo, he decided to apply it to any future bunny he met that looked at him funny. Or thought of looking at him funny. Or had eyes.

Consequently the rest of the bonding attempts did not go well for Whisky, the last one so much so it ended at the vets having his perineum stitched back together. Ouch.

So poor little Whisky is very sad. He has to suffer pain while his injuries heal, the indignity of being force-fed medicines and the loneliness now he doesn't even have foster bunnies sharing his room to glare at. But at least he is home again and I get to cuddle him every day, even if it's only long enough to empty a syringe full of anti-biotics into his mouth.

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