Wednesday 14 November 2012

Jinny Bunny

Rabbits evolved to have superbly functional ears - large to capture as much sound as possible, located high on the head and able to rotate 180 degrees to listen for approaching predators from all directions. Then evil humans came along and bred bunnies that looked "cuter", with floppy ears that hang over the ear canal muffling sound and dramatically reducing the owners ability to see or to point the ears in any particular direction. I can't help but feel sorry for these beautiful creatures so badly mangled by human selfishness with no way of experiencing life as nature intended.

I feel particularly sad in this regard for the great French Lop. Not only are they (relatively speaking) as deaf as a post and constantly surprised by things suddenly appearing close by, but they also have to suffer the indignity of dragging those big funny things around in the dirt and mud. There's literally nothing they can do to experience sounds properly like a straight eared bunny.

Isn't that right Jinny?

"Say what? No, no, go ahead, I'm listening now...?"


  1. One of the most friendly, affectionate, bunnies I ever did a bunderground for was an English lop. Poor guy almost tripped over his ears, but he didn't let it get him down, he'd just hop about happy as lamb.

    I did feel so sorry for him tho, bunnies shouldn't have to worry about stepping on their own ears.. not that I've noticed any disability in lops to hear the opening of a packet of craisins.

  2. love the bunny ears,Please can you pop round as we have given you an award,xx Speedy and mum

  3. Bit of selective deafness with my Indy... totally deaf when being told for the umpteenth time not to climb over the fence to play with the chickens but rattle the sweetie tin quietly at a distance of 300 yards and she runs towards you at terrifying speed!

  4. Minnie, my lop baby girl, can hear a piece of freeze dried fruit hit the floor from across the house. But she does startle easy if approached from directly behind.