Saturday 9 March 2013

Orange Angus

Our darling soppy Mr Orange has finally been given a proper name.  Caroline has named him Angus!

Angus is a special bunny - as you can see below, he has an unusual tendency for relaxing in odd reclining positions where he almost folds himself in half.  Our vet thinks he has a problem in his spine, but at this point we are not a hundred percent sure what it is.  For the moment he is being given enough space to gently move about and monitored to see if he starts to improve while we consider possible next steps.  It could have been something in his previous living conditions, an old injury or even just the bad genetics not uncommon in large rabbit breeds.

If he needs long term care, Angus may become a life-time resident and paired with another of our special buns.  If so, it will be sad that he won't get to move on to live with a loving family, but every one of us at the Rescue already love him to bits so he will never be short of attention here.

"Don't give me sympathy! Give me a big TV, a bowl of vegetable chips and a big glass of carrotini, cos I'm set for the afternoon right here."


  1. I think once rabbits have bonded with another rabbit, they are less needing human attention. So if Angus is going to be a lifer at the residence, he will do just fine. Hell, I could stand to live there myself!

  2. Awwwwwwww, what a big lovey-bun--if I didn't have Mr. Mick and I wasn't on the other side of the pond, I'd want to bring him home!

  3. And if I didn't have speedy I would want to take him home too,being used to having bunnys with some special need or medical condition he would be no problem for me but lets hope his spine is ok so he can get that special forever home that all bunnies deserve,xx Rachel

  4. How cute! He is really adorable:) I hope everything is alright with his spine!

    From all of us at Fantastic Furry Friends