Wednesday 13 March 2013


We were delighted this week to be awarded a Wetnose Animal Rescue award for Best 'Small Furry' Rescue at their 2013 ceremony.  Caroline collected the award, which was presented by Maureen Lipman and Ingrid Tarrant and included a one thousand pound prize from Animal Friends Insurance. The event itself was quite prestigious, with other celebrity presenters including Peter Egan and Anthony Head. Photo's of the event are now up on our Facebook page.

So now we're wondering whether or not to tell the bunnies that we won.  I'm sure they'll be pleased, I'm just not sure I can cope with the barrage of suggestions on which project/bill to spend the money on...

"I'll take it, we don't even need to tell Cheeko.  I was just thinking it's about time I got a new spring wardrobe!  Luckily my sock goes with everything."


  1. A thousand pounds is a lot of treats! Guess Dion's lucky rabbit foot is super lucky. Let's go to Vegas!

  2. Your sock is very fetching Dion,well done on the award!you deserve it,xx Speedy and mum

  3. Many many congratulations to you all on your well deserved award; without your wonderful rescue I wouldn't be blessed with my gorgeous bunnies.
    Carrotinis all round!

  4. Congratulations!!! It always makes me very happy when bunnies get some of the attention :)

  5. Congratulations - keep up the good work!