Wednesday 14 September 2016

The REW Deal

"Red-eyed white" (REW) bunnies are generally more difficult to home. For some people the look reminds them of laboratory rabbits suffering the daily tortures that life (or more accurately humankind) brings them.

Case in point are Boz and Polar, a bonded pair of REW RRR bunnies who have been on our rehoming list for the best part of the last three years with almost zero interest. As a result, a kind volunteer has had them on long term foster to give them a taste of a better life, but they are now back at the Rescue and desperate to find a forever home.

They are a wonderful pair - for a start, Boz (though you'd never guess to look at him) is the brother of Browncloud and former RRR bun JJ, two of the most amazing characters I've ever met. Boz seems to have gotten the same friendly genes, but without all the crazy/stubborness...

"I like treats and friendly humans. If you will be my friend, I will be yours! And if you're really nice, my wife might even dance for you!"

Er...maybe not that last bit, eh Polar?


Do you know anyone who could might be able to give this pair a good home? Please put them in touch with us via our website or Facebook page!


  1. Is there a way to share BETT on Facebook? I hate to think of my friends living without this?

    1. Yes - you type "Bunnies are awesome!", copy and paste the url in ( and hit Post! :-)