Monday 12 September 2016


As you will know if you happened across my comments, after I posted today about Uggy he was found suddenly and very seriously unwell. Very sadly, he is no longer with us.

It is nothing but tragic timing that this should happen the very day he made it onto the blog. Both of todays photos were from Saturday 3rd September - I was looking for bunnies willing to pose for photos for the next few weeks on the blog in case I didn't make it back to the Rescue for a while, he and Soleil were very keen to take part in exchange for the treats I was carrying. They pretty much demanded it as I passed their aviary in fact! They were so keen, racing around my feet, but also happy to pause and pose just long enough for me to capture their adorable faces.

As I sorted through the photos yesterday I came across that silly one from this morning and knew I just had to post it, especially when I realised he hadn't been on here before. I had no idea it would be both his first and last day in the limelight.

Such a friendly little boy, always happy and full of life. You will be missed, especially by your adoring wife. Binky free Uggy.

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  1. My sympathies. :( Sorry to hear of the rescue (and your!) loss. :(