Friday 24 May 2013

Majestic Bunny

Yesterday was a very sad day for me - unfortunately we had to say goodbye to our beloved Majestic after his health problems overtook him, which has left me somewhat heart-broken.

My usual thing is to become attached to the crazy bitey rabbits, the rabbits you have to work hard with (like the wild-cross bunnies) and of course the various bunnies I've fostered.  Majestic didn't really fit into any of these categories, yet somehow he became very special to me and through the Rescue I feel I've shared a large part of his life journey - it is very difficult knowing that journey has come to an end.

I suspect Vicki will want to say more about him, having been his foster mum last year, but I just needed to mention his passing here today.

Goodbye dear Majestic.   I will miss you.  The Rescue will not be the same for me without you.


  1. We will all miss that handsome bun,binky high Majestic!!

  2. Sweet thing, binky free!
    Rabbit people rule.

  3. *hug*
    Binky free, Majestic

  4. Our Savannah was a broken rex like Majestic and such a sweetie. We miss her too.