Wednesday 3 September 2014

Gabriel and the Carrot

Those of you who follow our Facebook page will remember Gabriel from when he arrived as a terribly scared and frail little thing who wouldn't eat. I remember the days having to stop what I was doing every few hours to spend time trying to get him to take in a tiny bit more syringe-fed near-liquid snacks, the stress and worry of whether we could get things going through before his little digestive system shut down. It seemed like we'd never get him to take food on his own.

And now? Well for a start he is a lot happier now he is bonded with our special little Tibby. And the food? Not so much of a problem...

"If you think you can take my carrot, you might want to count your fingers first so you can figure out after how much your mistake cost you..."


  1. He's making light work of that carrot!

  2. Well, we would still describe this as a problem.

  3. You just can't please them .. first a carrot, next your finger, ...