Saturday 13 September 2014

Trouser Stress

If I've learned one valuable lesson this summer it's that, however convenient it seems, one should never carry treats in trouser pockets around tall bunnies.



  1. I'm refraining from making a nut joke, aren't you proud of me?

    Poor abused Fonzie.. Denied the treatage. That means double next time, right?

  2. Well, B-HV, it is a big "if." I would have hoped for the lesson to be carry lots of treats and give them out lavishly. Actually, the bunns probably love the thrill of the hunt for the parsimonious little tidbits hidden away. How well-behaved do we really have to be here, Shadowydreamer? I mean, can that much refraining really be good for us?

  3. I find I reduce the stress of good behaviour by looking at cute bunny pictures. Fortunately, I don't have to go far around here. ;)

    And Shady or Lorna is fine. Shadowydreamer really is a mouthful to type out. (It was the quest to find a unique username for Geocities that it came about :D )

    .. *looks at picture again* .. All extraneous holes in pants are purely coincidental. (or bunny-dental..)

  4. Hahahaha Lorna Speedy would mug you too for treats,xx Rachel