Thursday 3 March 2016

Camera Shy

Silvio and Yuki have sadly been returned to the rescue after a couple of years in a home. This week, I decided to take photographs and Yuki kindly obliged with several lovely poses at the front of the run. As you can see, husbun Silvio was less convinced...


  1. How sad and confusing for these little ones.

  2. Yuki is so very pretty, and poor shy Silvio. They must be very confused and feeling a bit lost. I know the people are R3 will take good care of them until they steal some more hearts.

  3. My babies are back!!! :-D
    Spent some time with them today, Yuki has already settled into the routine (certainly the meal, snack and treat routines anyway), Silvio is a bit jumpy, but he'll come around soon I'm sure.