Saturday 26 March 2016


Some time ago we had Jolie and her non-RRR partner Pillow brought back to the Rescue as their owners circumstances had changed and they were no longer able to provide them with enough space to stop them squabbling. To make matters worse, Pillow was prone to eye ulcers and will require eye drops for the rest of his life.

They are perhaps most well known here for being logically confusing, as Jolie is the white fluffy one of the pair and Pillow the small brown lop.

Happily, remembering which way round they are will no longer be an issue, as we recently received word that their original owners have become able to keep pets again and in a long hoped for but rare arrangement, they have been re-adopted and went back home last Saturday.

"Ah-ha, so does this mean I get a better quality of service now?"


  1. Hard to say, Sweetie. Those folks at R3 give great service, but you will be where everyone knows your name. Congratulations and blessings to all the reunited.