Saturday 5 March 2016

Thistle In The Sun

Thistle is very sick. Quite apart from his recurring head-tilt and respiratory infections, he has recently become just a bag of bones, a fraction of his healthy weight. Although I didn't get all the details off Caroline before she went on holiday, I believe the vet found something serious and sadly Thistle probably doesn't have much time left with us.

So, he is very sick, as anyone who sees him up close can easily tell. The only one who doesn't seem to know he's sick is Thistle himself...

"Dude! I totally beat Tansley to the grated carrot again! I'm gonna scoff the lot!"

Knowing he probably doesn't have long, it's really great to see him happily enjoying life and racing about making the most of it. Which he does right up until nap time which, just to scare us, he takes wherever he happens to be at that moment...

"Dude! I'm catching some rays here! Can't a bunny take some z's in the sun without being stared at?"


  1. I think it is kidney failure caused by EC. He caught me out worse than this yesterday- he went from sitting in the sun to slowly sinking to the ground and on his side flat out, I thought that was It, but when I went in and gave him a stroke to check he waited for a few seconds just to give me added sadness and then got up again...

  2. This morning I thought I'd tempted fate with this post, put food in and he didn't move. I went to get extra parsley to tempt him and by the time I got back he was merrily scoffing everything in sight.

  3. You two are definitely invited to my bedside. I hope I have friends and carrots and sunshine and can scare their pants off. Thank you for who you are and what you do. Of course, I am including Thistle in those thanks as well.

  4. I think one of a rabbit's greatest joys is scaring the human in the 'are they sleeping or are they passed on?' game. Bonus points if you binky right after doing it.

    Poor wee Thistle. I'm glad his last days are happy ones, surrounded by servants who adore him.