Thursday 12 May 2016


For a long time we knew we were fated to lose little Cuba, an outgoing and adventurous little rabbit with terminal cancer. She never let it get her down, always rushing around, escaping out of her door in the mornings and enjoying her grass area like there was nothing wrong. Her appetite remained right to the end, but she had lost an extraordinary amount of weight and in the last couple of weeks her decline was rapid and obvious. Yesterday we decided with deep regret that it was in her best interests to be helped on her way before she crossed the line into complete unhappiness.

One thing that makes me very emotional is that her husbun Mallow- a rabbit not known for suffering humans gladly- had become very protective of her, often putting himself between Cuba and the approaching meds volunteer with great vigilance (and, on one occasion, with teeth). Yesterday, however, he sat in the doorway to the bedroom where she was settled and just let me fuss him before allowing me to take her away, like he knew it was time.

Kisses in the sun.

Goodbye little Cuba. I hope wherever you are now, you have a huge grass area that will forever be your own.


  1. Binky free Cuba,love to Mallow,xx Rachel

  2. Thank you so much for your tender care of these precious creatures.