Thursday 26 May 2016

Roscoe's Progress

Roscoe is one of our luckiest bunnies. On the day of the Rescue's Christmas get-together last year, he suddenly became severely ill and wasn't expected to live. After being rushed to the vets as an emergency he was diagnosed with liver failure and amazingly pulled through. He's been on a cocktail of drugs ever since and given a restricted low-iron diet.

"My husbun says he doesn't want his medicines any more, so kindly cease and desist."

That's ok, Roscoe, we don't want you to have your medicines any more either. Happily, if you could count, you'd know you've been doing very well and we've only got a couple more to wean you off of! Good boy.


  1. yippee,great news Roscoe,xx Rachel

  2. It is great news. I don't suppose you all have ever heard of a country western song with lyrics like "stand by your man?" Well, they exist. I think, sung most famously, by Tammy Wynette. Well, on seeing this photograph, my immediate thought was "growl by your man." It would be the bunny version.

  3. Oh, bunnies can count. Just try shorting them one of their regular treats.

    But Roscoe! This is such wonderful knews! You keep on keeping on!