Monday 15 August 2016

Go Mondays

"You don't like Mondays? Well then, let me glare at this Monday for you until it goes away. It or the human who is grumping about it, either way my day improves."


  1. What happened to poor Kiwi's ears?

    1. She tried to chew them off rather than listen to humans complain about how it's not the weekend anymore! (Actually, I don't think we know for sure, but this sometimes happens when a mummy bunny over grooms newborns and accidentally chews off the end of their tiny earses)

    2. I once looked after a rabbit with no tail because of the mother. We've also had some tatty eared rabbits from injuries- so easily done... if the blood supply is cut off even by one small unfortunately aimed bite, the tissue dies. One rabbit we had stay at the rescue got bitten by her friend and part of the ear fell off several days later :/

    3. Poor Kiwi. But I'm sure she hears the rustling of treat carrying humans just fine.. :)

    4. Or humans grumping about . . . sorry about the ears, little one. I hope all your days improve.