Tuesday 30 August 2016

Limelight Is Green Light

"Please Mr BHV, can we be on the blog again today? Visitors recognise us and give extra treats when we've been on the blog!"

BHV: No, sorry my super-sized friends, you've already had two days in the last seven, you know the rules, we need to give some other buns a day in the limelight!

"See what you've done? He's in such a grump now I probably won't even get my ears licked clean tonight. You did this, you can make it right:- LICK MY DIRTY EARS!"

BHV: Errr.... well the blog thing is more of a guideline than a rule, I guess one more day...


  1. Yes, guidelines are all that we have left, too. Bunnies do keep one flexible.

    1. Especially when they back you into an ear-licking corner.