Friday 11 November 2016

Cookey Monster

This week we were contacted by a lady desperately seeking our help.

Her 10 year old daughter was experiencing issues with her rabbit. The rabbit was lunging and biting and the family had become afraid of handling him and cleaning him out.

They had asked for help from local pet shops and rescues but nothing suggested had helped.

Poor Cookey (Cookie with a y as we've had other rabbits named Cookie previously) had been living in a 3ft by 1ft hutch as this was the biggest they could find to buy locally.  They were advised that it was suitable for rabbits.
His owners were feeding him lots of hay, green veg, he had toys to play with had had him neutered to help with his behaviour.

Sadly, as well as being fear aggressive Cookey was exhibiting stereotypical behaviour, repeatedly pacing and running through his tunnel continuously.

Cookey has now come to live at the rescue and will be rehabilitated and rehomed.  He's a lovely healthy boy too.

We are deeply saddened that this lady was not able to find the help she needed and that so much education is still needed as a hutch is just not enough space for a rabbit.


  1. so sad that rabbits are still suffering so much. it is a constant battle to get people more educated.

  2. That is so sad especially when the owners kept asking for help from those that should have realised what was needed,Hope he eventually gets the right home with your help,xx Rachel