Monday 15 October 2012

Gonna Be a Contender

Well just as I am finally convinced that Rocket isn't randomly biting people for no reason any more, we have another crazy chomper in. Meet Rummy, who has already had a go at Caroline (who saw the attack coming and dodged) and two of the volunteers (who didn't). Very painful for those that have fallen foul of his temper, but for the rest of us this little guy is so tiny it's hard to take his tough attitude very seriously! Just look at that cute little Netherland Dwarf face!

"So what is the record for chomping volunteers that this Rocket dude holds?"

"Because, Mr Camera Guy, I think I just figured a way to get one closer to beating it..."


  1. he just needs to know that you won't put up with that kind of nonsense as it all front

  2. If this is the little guy that was in the hospital for a few days when he came in, then yes, I can testify for the need to dodge him!!