Thursday 25 October 2012

House of Chaos

My house is in chaos. It is a filthy mess and the smell of bunny wee hangs constantly in the air. My stress levels are higher than I can remember them being for the longest time and I suspect the few hairs left on top of my head are planning an imminent escape. Metaphorically it feels like I was carrying too many parcels, had somehow managed to balance them just enough to make tiny steps forward, then someone came along and stuck a big fat heavy one on the front. This big fat heavy one, to be more precise:

"Stop disturbing my naptime. I need to rest ready for the next big fight I intend to start. BTW, you might want to put shoes on before you walk through the lounge again..."


  1. Sorry to hear things are stressful at the moment. I can empathise with the scent of of my house bunnies has taken offence at me coming in smelling of my new outdoor bunnies. She chins my trousers wildly whilst poo-ing on my feet then runs around the house wee-ing in inappropriate places.
    Hope things get better soon.

  2. My house of chaos is defined by bunnies running rampant with excitement because we're moving.

    Excitement is channeled through bunstruction.

    Yay... more carpet holes to patch.