Saturday 20 October 2012

Missing my Buddy

In rummaging for photos whilst I'm filling in for Gary for a couple of days, I kept finding lots of my favourites of my special boy, Buddy. Very sadly he passed away in August due to (probably) kidney failure. Obviously, we are absolutely devastated at losing him and miss him loads. He was such a happy, chilled out dude (who would turn into a scary bitey monster at the vets but for some reason that just made me love him more), not to mention very handsome and very tolerant of his whirlwind of his friend, Boo. He gave us over 3 happy years of his company and was one of our first pair of buns adopted from the Rabbit Residence. Here are a few of my favourite photos of him. 


  1. He was adorable,and look at the last photo,with look on his face you would give him any thing he wanted...I know I would.xx

  2. Our furry ones never leave our hearts, and they certainly leave us with bunderful memories.

  3. what a gorgeous that last photo.