Saturday 26 January 2013

Bad Beyond the Floof

Friday 25th January 2013, around 4.45pm

Me: You were supposed to be playing with Jemima and me in the garden, NOT making big puddles behind the sofa. You've RUINED the floor. Now you can go to your room and think about what you've done while I decide on your punishment.

Some time later that evening...

"So...the WHOLE intehwebs has to see me like this??!"


  1. Oooops Whisky that was a bit naughy...hehe..not...hehe...laughing!

  2. Oh the humiliation. You are a rebel without a cause, like James Dean, but much sexier. And breathing...
    He just wanted Jemima to know that the space behind the sofa was his, not hers. Sheesh, don't YOU pee on your territory?

  3. Hey, Whisky, my favorite place for puddles is just by the front door. Easily stepped in.
    love from,
    Big Lop Eared Bertie x

  4. There is a group on Facebook called Bunny Shaming and this picture would fit in perfectly there.

    Poor Whisky--a moment of incontinence, a lifetime on the interwebs...

    1. Yup, I put him Reddit /r/rabbits. He was my first Reddit post!
      Whiskey, all the girls love a bad boy bunny!

  5. Bad Bunny. Good Bad Bunny. Cute Good Bad Bunny. ... you get the idea!