Wednesday 30 January 2013

Mouf Trapped

So there you are, sat on the ground with bunnies clambering all over your legs trying to get at the tasty treats you've brought them. You are TOTALLY engrossed in the utter adorableness of the whole thing, completely oblivious to anything else going on around you. Reaching the limit of how much parsley you can safely stuff into a pair of bunnies without them popping, you turn to stand, but instead you freeze.

For stood on a hutch across the fence, head height just a few inches from your face, somebuns are patiently waiting...

"We're next, right?"


  1. Do NOT forget these two! Look at those kissy moufs! Rabbits slay me with their cuteness. I am simply undone by them in all their shapes, sizes, colors, ears, breeds, and floofiness!

  2. I hope those two cuties got their parsley!

  3. They are so patiently waiting...they should get extra!!

  4. Awww such sweet good little bunnies!parsley for them is a must!