Thursday 16 January 2014

I might be cute but I am not a toy - I'm a Real rabbit

Sorry for the late post today. Vicki here, attempting to fill in for BHV. I'm afraid I've failed to come up with a witty line for this evening, but here's a pic of one of my furries having a snack.

When he periscopes he always reminds me of the Velveteen Rabbit - if rather less shabby. And then it makes me sad to think of all the Real bunnies out there who are treated more like toys and don't get to show their natural behaviours like the Velveteen rabbit was eventually able and like this little chap gets to.

"He gave one leap and the joy of using those hind legs was so great that he went springing about the turf on them, jumping sideways and whirling round as the others did" (Margery Williams, The Velveteen Rabbit).

Reminds me of the joy we see when a bunny who's been confined to a hutch their whole life arrives with us and gets their first taste of a decent bit of space.


  1. Milo is a floofy cutie patootie! I love to see bunnies periscope.
    Our continuing prayers and healthy thoughts to Whiskey. Please someone update us soon.

  2. I have seen that joy. I will remember it forever. Dear Rowdy, you are in my heart forever. He would always be small, but he looked at me and said, "I am free. I know what this is although I have never known it. This is it. This is what it is like." I have tried to think what I could feel that would be similar to Rowdy's experience. Discovering I could fly? Tasting birthday cake? It doesn't matter, because when I watched him, I just felt blest, blest.

  3. it is an absolute pleasure to whatch them running round like that with out a care in the world,love and snuggles to Whisky,xx Rachel