Sunday 19 January 2014

The Whisky Sunday News

Apologies for not updating you sooner on Whisky's condition, but we have had a really rough week, most of the time not knowing which direction we are going in.

Although the surgery itself seemed to go OK, Whisky did not take it as well as he has with surgery in the past. He had to be re-admitted Thursday and have all his medicines changed and though he came home perkier Friday, by Saturday morning he was back to being motionless and not passing anything.

Mid-afternoon, around the time he would become active for a bit if he were well, I moved him downstairs and things started to look up. He asked to go out in the garden, he hopped about a bit, even started to sniff at stray pieces of hay and grass. By Saturday evening he started eating on his own, though only very small amounts of soft food, and was periodically wandering about taking interest in things between short naps, albeit in a very wobbly fashion (he regularly falls over).

I am not going to draw any conclusions from that, Whisky has shown me this week how quickly things can get worse again when you least expect it, but that is how we ended Saturday with both of us feeling slightly better about things.

So here we are, taking each new days challenges as they come. With all that is happening, Whisky and I have decided to take a break from the blog for the next few weeks, while he focuses on recovering and I balance being his servant with catching up on all the work I missed being at the vets every day. Fortunately you will be in good hands as UtTBM has agreed to step in and keep you entertained and informed on bunny matters in the meantime! So I leave you with a rare moment of Whisky being back to himself last night between medicine doses!

"Has my hunger strike left you feeling suitably punished for what you've done to me? Good. Now blend me some carrots into a smooth paste, no lumps, pronto."


  1. Awww Whisky,get well soon baby,we love little guy,xx Rachel and Speedy

  2. Get better quick whisky!!!

  3. It makes me sick to see him looking so miserable. My heart is with you both and I am praying for him every time he crosses my mind, which is VERY often!
    Sweet Mother of God, save our little Whiskey!
    Holy Unmercenary Physicians and Great Martyrs Cosmos and Damian, who's love and healing extended even to the treatment of God's innocent beasts, and who sit beside our God Christ, beseech Him to show his light and love and healing on our sweet little Whiskey, and all sick little bunnies.
    St's. Mellangel and Francis, lover and patron/ess of all animals, stand boldly before our Christ upon His Throne and intercede for our Whiskey.
    O Great Physician, take away his pain and heal his body.
    O Comforter, give peace to Whiskey's daddy.
    Father of All, member that tiny little floofball into whom you Breathed Life.
    Most Holy Trinity, have mercy on our Whiskey and his daddy, and grant swift healing, freedom from pain and infection, and Great Disapproval to our Whiskey and his daddy!

  4. Brandi has said it all but I would just like to add my own very best wishes and prayers for you and Whisky. Healing vibes winging their way over to you....

  5. Best wishes to the both of you and a speedy recovery for Whisky.

  6. Oh dear, poor Whisky and poor you! We've been dealing with what turned out to be tooth issues for Mr. Mick, so we missed the initial announcement. We'll be thinking lots of good thoughts for quick recovery and a return to regular blogging and Whisky pics.

  7. My prayers are with you both.

  8. Even ill, you're hopelessly handsome Wisky. Now you spend your energy on getting better, surely the human can't forget ALL his training in a couple of weeks. He needs a healthy bunny to keep him in line.

    ((Vibes)) to you both!