Sunday 26 January 2014

The Whisky Times

BHV sent me a brief update on Whisky's progress so thought you'd want to know. Whisky had a check up at the vets on Thursday and the vet was generally pleased. He removed most of Whisky's stitches and noted that the inside of his cheek was slightly swollen but otherwise everything is going well. Apparently Whisky was very grumpy about going to the vets again but cheered up quickly when he realised he wasn't going to have to stay this time!

His swollen cheek is making it harder for Whisky to eat dry pellets but he's eating mushy pellets and gobbling up herbs without a problem. His behaviour is also returning to normal and by Friday he was lively and charging about the house.

"Boy am I glad to be home. What a week!"

Yay!!! Fingers and paws crossed our little furry star is over the worst.


  1. This is great news we sure have miss the little guy!keep getting Better Whisky, hugs and snuggles,xx Rachel and Speedy

  2. Yes, fantastic news...keep getting stronger, Whisky, we're all rooting for you x

  3. Yay for good news! We will be thinking continued good thoughts for quick recovery for Whisky--get well soon, sweetie-bun!

  4. Keep up the good work Whiskey and be sure to give BHV an extra nose bump for taking such good care of you!

  5. I am sorry my evil computer has not been allowing me to send messages to Whiskey and B-HV. You all probably won't get this one either, but I will still try. This news is so welcome. Whiskey got dealt a pretty tough hand, but somehow with someone's help he is showing us what deep trust and love of living (with your pal) can bring you through. Clean your plate little one.