Tuesday 31 March 2015

The Gift of Easter

And now, unusually for this blog, an advertisement:

Want to get your loved ones something other than chocolate for Easter? How about a gift for our rescue bunnies?

  • £6 buys a bale of hay which provides roughly 5 pairs of bunnies with enough for a week.
  • £10 buys a bale of wood shavings which provides a week’s bedding for about 8 pairs of bunnies.
  • £20 buys one day’s breakfast for all the rabbits in our care.
  • £25 provides a year’s vaccination for a bunny.

To purchase a gift, pay via paypal to rabbit_residence@hotmail.com and include a comment ‘GIFT HAY’, ‘GIFT SHAVINGS’, ‘GIFT BREAKFAST’ or ‘GIFT VACCINATION’. You will be emailed a card that you can print and give to the gift recipient.

Well that's the 'ad' over with!

Of course the more the Rescue can raise for everyday essentials through these gift donations, the more of our regular donations we will have to cover critical vet bills. Our next big one is likely to be for Maximus who is currently waiting for an operation with our expert vet to remove his wonky teeth.

"Hey, what did you just say? Operation? Er...no, it's OK, my teeth are fine, honest!"

Hmmm...OK Maximus, so bunnies teeth are supposed to overlap and point in different directions are they?! Don't worry, it won't mean less treats, if anything you'll probably get more, just ask Whisky!


  1. Come on, you all, it's for the bunnies, it's for very dedicated people, it's for who we are - a community pledged to kindness, pledged to healing, pledged to stand against the best friends of savagery - hopelessness and detachment. These bunnies are brethren. These people have shown us a way, and all we have to do is muster the will. Think of all you would like to do, of all that you would like to change, and know that change can only come from compassionate, disciplined hearts embracing the truth, the experience, the bond, the reality, the needs of all that share life. Love and be loved here and transformation will begin, the realization of your profoundest dreams.

  2. Gift for the Bunnies on the way. Hope everything goes well Maximus. I'm sure Whisky can give you some pointers on how to play it to the maximum on getting treats.