Monday 30 March 2015

Top Moufs

"Why is this BHV fella so obsessed with our Rexy-moufs? Are they extra cute or summit?"

"Dunno, let's ask him. Hey BHV... Nope, I don't think we're gonna get our answer, he's fallen over giggling."


  1. It is definitely "summit," Little Ones, but we are all guilty as charged. We have all got a bad case of it. I am so grateful to have a master of photography pandering to us. I hope it's not too great a burden on you. Our legal department assures me it is time for you to renegotiate what you get paid for appearing on this blog.

  2. There should be special clauses for "awwws" and "sqeees" and of course a lot of extra, extra LARGE pieces of carrots for this giggling business over and above what you can rummage out of his pockets while he is on the ground. Giggling doesn't come cheap, you know. And, make sure all us voyeurs contribute, too. Think of it as royalties for the Rexes.