Saturday 28 November 2015

Bolder Dash

I don't know what has been happening in my absence, or whether the weather is just making bunnies more eager for food to fatten up for winter insulation, but many of the usually cautious bunnies were uncharacteristically bold today. Some who would normally hide or keep a safe distance were racing towards me demanding food.

My favourites were Pea, Pod and Cosmos. Sure, they have often taken treats from my hand, but today they actually FOLLOWED ME ROUND while I fed their neighbours, pretty much demanding their breakfast! It was both sweet and hilarious!

"You know what's hilarious? We get to eat the tasty food, while you humans get to clean out our litter trays. Enjoy!"


  1. I love these guys, they like head strokes and everything ❤️ Being wildies I thought they'd be really shy

  2. "Yes, we had breakfast, but what about second breakfast?"