Thursday 5 November 2015

Wild Beasts

While we the humans didn't do anything special for Halloween down at the rescue, it seems that some of the rabbits got into the spirit of things that day...

A pair of wild beasts appeared before me, their eyes red with the blood of their victims! (Now that I think about it, where did that new volunteer go?) I was almost tempted to check to see if their nice grass-nomming little teeth had turned more decidedly long and pointy...

"What? I haven't GOT any teeth... and you pressed the wrong button on your camera, silly human! Now stop waving that thing in my face and bring me my dinner!"


  1. The last bunny to rail (sp?) against C-HV looks like he as feathers on his face. The camera person? Halloween curiosities?

    On another note: How many different bunny pictures are incorporated into the key rings? Are they R3 bunnies?

    1. Hey, don't blame my carrot hogging, this was P's post!
      They are RRR bunnies on the key rings, I believe they are created from my photos but I don't know any more than that. I will investigate further.

  2. B-HV, These bunnies and bunny pictures are a product of your C-HV ways so please don't blame Pandoren. I expect to see them really mellowing out under the new management.