Sunday 24 April 2016

Anouska, Bobbit, Carrots...

A bonus post for you today with a quick update on my foster pair Anouska and Bobbit.

A trip to the emergency vet Wednesday night and motility meds failed to get Anouska eating again so on Thursday the two of them went for a stay at our regular vets. A conscious x-ray revealed no serious problems, fluids, pain relief and more motility meds followed until Friday morning when things started moving again. They came home Friday evening, both a bit grumpy from the experience but eating. By Saturday Anouska seemed to have taken a few more steps towards recovery but by then Bobbit was acting oddly and not eating much. At the end of another stressful day, Bobbit wouldn't eat his pellets but just managed to avoid a trip back to the vets when he started to pick at some carrot and parsley.

Well, it was a proper relief this morning when both came racing to the breakfast bowl and tucked in. And although he wants nothing to do with me today, I am very happy that Bobbit seems back to his old self and Anouska is further improved.

"You know, you staring at me isn't going to help my appetite any..."

"MY hidey box. No vets, medicines or poky fingers aloud inside."

1 comment:

  1. Sorry they're trying to give you gray hares!!

    Glad to hear they're all better to drive you nutty in the healthy bunny way!