Friday 8 April 2016

One Chance

The husbun of one of my favourite feisty girls, Honour, is the flighty Darius, a rabbit who loves to run around but also disappears at the drop of a hat and is usually a speck in the distance in any photograph I attempt to take of him.

Imagine my surprise then when one day last week, when it was nice and sunny, Darius was apparently dozing a little too happily to notice much when I sneaked up on him.

"She thinks I haven't noticed her... it's just that the Missus had a word. This is your one photo opportunity- the next time you try it you can have a shot of my fluffy bottom sticking out of a box and like it."


  1. Darius, what exactly would that "word" have been? I feel as though some of us out here could really use it.

    1. It was probably not a polite word, y'know how them bun wives can be..

  2. I'm sure she eyeballed him as well, which is something Honour is exceptionally good at ;)