Tuesday 19 April 2016

Old Soldier

The number of rabbits cared for by the Rescue who are frail and elderly, along with those with special needs or daily medication, seems to have been at an all time high this last year. Perhaps not surprising then that we also seem to have had so many of our residents leave us for the bridge in recent months.

Old Soldier was a big soppy lump who spent too many years of his life on his own in a 4ft hutch. This terrible fate would be bad enough for a regular bunny, for a rabbit of his immense size it must have been agonising. So when he came to the Rescue, we were determined to make sure he always had space and somebun to hang out with, while at the same time being loved and adored by all of us here. He didn't have the healthiest life, he wasn't ever the most mobile of rabbits and had problems with his eye, but he seemed to enjoy life at the Rescue and certainly loved his food!

Despite his problems, Old Soldier was starting to look like he was leading a charmed life - whatever ailment life threw at him, however much it looked like the end, he would grump through it and come out the other side mostly back to his regular self.

Sadly though, in March he lost the use of his back legs. It seemed he was in a pain we couldn't fix and eventually we had to let him go. On 5th April 2016 he was helped to the bridge.

Binky free Old Soldier. It was wonderful to know you. Your human friends all miss you nearly as much as Cindy does.


  1. I always enjoyed the Old Soldier stories, he was such a charming ole fella. It's always a tough choice weighing quality of life issues and such a very hard decision to make in the end.

    Thank you for doing what you guys do, helping so many wonderful bunnies be bunnies.

  2. I hate to lose an old friend, even for a while. We've been having to say goodbye to some greats. May our love and our blessings go with them. Personally, I am looking forward to giving each and everyone of these wonderful bunns head rubs in the great beyond. I will probably have to wait in line, totally appropriate for a lowly hoomin.