Tuesday 12 July 2016

Archimedes Wants Out

"You do realise that blocking my free-roaming access to the snack barrow is a breach of my basic human rights?"

Sorry Archimedes, you still need a little more healing time for that skin graft! Not long now! Besides, although you sometimes act like you're 'people', I'm not entirely sure your Grand Royal Fluffiness is covered by that particular bill...


  1. You have a point -- Bunnies are BETTER than humans as they'd be so happy to tell us. It's not their fault we designed a world for thumbs. They'd have created a better one but they need their naps, dontcha know?

    .. Poor Archimedes. Hopefully he heals well and quickly! That wheelbarrow isn't going to empty itself!

  2. 🎶Oh, deep in my heart, I do believe
    We shall overcome, some day.🎶

  3. Get well, Big Boy, better days are on their way.