Wednesday 27 July 2016

King Size

Fans of the mighty Archimedes will be pleased to hear that he is still making progress. His wounds have taken longer to heal than everyone would have liked and he has now had two skin grafts to deal with the issue. The good news is that he has now been able to move out of his restrictive plastic cage and into one of our 6x4ft hutches and furthermore now has a kindly donated little bed for enrichment. This turned out to be a good choice as he can often be found making full and appropriate use of it.

"Yes, I know you've been trying to get photos of me while I've been flat out asleep... don't you think that's a bit... creepy?"

Archi, you should see yourself, it's adorable. No doubt if I ever did get a decent photograph, you'd want paying for it...


  1. <3 You know I'm a huge Archimedes fan.

    Poor old guy. Glad to here he's back on his feet! (So to speak)

  2. Good to hear that Archimedes is doing well - hope it continues. Hopefully his big vet bill has reduced a bit :)

  3. Good to hear that you are feeling your self Archimedes.Now about those photos can we negotiate payment?xx Rachel

  4. Yahoo! Way to go A. Rachel will be the perfect agent to look after your interests. Keep getting weller and weller, Big Boy!