Thursday 28 July 2016

The Uninvited Guest

When at the rescue one of the morning tasks is to walk around the rescue to survey that all is well and that each enclosure contains the same number of rabbits as usual, preferably the same rabbits that were there the previous evening. Occasionally we get the odd wren or robin that manages to make its way through a small gap into an aviary but this must be the first time I've given this big of a double take to an unexpected visitor.

Anyone want a close up of this??

Not only was I left with the impression I'd missed a night of heavy partying in Wondar and Marcel's house but bafflingly this chap must have slipped his way through a gap in the top of the old run, through a doorway, all the way through the shed, down the plastic tunnel and then went to sleep in his own little nook in the hutch attached outside.

Honestly, the things they get up to when your back is turned...

(PS some eagle-eyed readers might notice that this was a racing pigeon... His owner did send an expensive courier to come and pick him up after he'd been mooching off us at the rescue for a few days. Turned out he was pretty far off course!)


  1. Probably signed up for the bunny correspondence course on how to manipulate humans for more treats and decided to come thank them in person.

  2. That was an amazing journey. I hope s/he is all right. I understand that it is official R3 policy to render aid to ornithoids in spite of testy rabbits. I admire this's greatly. If it is alive, give it a chance.